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AMAZING! Mandarin Speech & Reading P1~P6

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Amazing! Mandarin Speech & Reading guides students through an exciting range of reading appreciation and explorative exercises. The students will develop their reading abilities and build their vocabulary. Students will be able to express themselves confidently through various oral activities and practice. The course is designed to complement the latest Ministry of Education guidelines. Each course consists of ten two-hour lessons.

These are the different components which will be taught over 10 weeks:

Primary 1-2
Primary 3-4
Primary 5-6
  • Phrase Usage & Expansion
  • Sentence Construction
  • Passage Comprehension
  • Oral Practice
  • Sentence Completion & Formation
  • Sentence Combination
  • Comprehension Practice
  • Listening comprehension and reading-aloud techniques
  • Distinguishing between similar phrases
  • Sentence Completion & Construction
  • Comprehension Practice
  • Comprehension Test & Answering Techniques Presentation Skills


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